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Indiana State OPEN Tournament

Results thru April 6, 2014

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Team Actual thru Apr 6

Team Handicap thru Apr 6

Singles Actual thru Apr 6

Singles Handicap thru Apr 6

Doubles Actual thru Apr 6

Doubles Handicap thru Apr 6

All Events Actual thru Apr 6

All Events Handicap thru Apr 6












The Annual Golf Outing information is

available click on the link below




   MOTIV & the Indiana USBC Bowling Association

announces a ball giveaway for 300/800 with

a MOTIV ball during the 2014 tournament

Click on the following link

to access the MOTIV website.


See requirements below


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                               WIN A HIGH PERFORMANCE BALL FROM MOTIV!!! Roll a perfect 300-game or 800-series (based on 3-game format), using exclusively MOTIV bowling balls in the upcoming 2014 USBC State Tournament, and you WILL win a high performance bowling ball from MOTIV!!!  The Primal Rage would be an awesome choice!  It offers title-winning performance and the strongest backend rating EVER given to a ball by Bowling This Month magazine! Bowlers that roll a 300-game or 800-series will need to check in with the tournament director to verify that they are bowling exclusively with MOTIV equipment.  The tournament director will notify MOTIV of all winners.  Program limited to one ball per bowler. If you are wondering which MOTIV ball would be best for you, please check out the online Ball Guide.  This provides a very simple reference to make it easy to locate the piece that is dialed in for your game.  Stay connected with MOTIV to learn about new products and other special offers by liking the MOTIV facebook page.  You can also join MOTIV on Twitter and check out ball motion videos on YouTube GET MOTIVATED!!!
  • State Tournament
  • Lane Specifications Announced

To view the oil patterns approved for 2014

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